Email from Iren about her Schatzi

Susan, you have bred the most amazing vizsla “Suzu’s Golden Beryl Schatzi”. As I am reading about your dogs or other’s who do so well in shows, and congratulate you all, I must tell you that your “BOB” is Schatzi. The things she does is hard to believe how smart she is. Every morning when I get up I like to lay down for a few mins on the living room couch (to wake up…lol). Schatzi comes and lays right next to me, putting her head on my stomach to make sure that I don’t go anywhere while Frank is making my breakfast.

Every now and then she raises her head listening to what is happening in the kitchen. Soon as Frank says “Breakfast is ready guess who jumps off the couch and races into the kitchen? Not just that she goes right onto her pillow in the corner of the dining room, waiting for me to come. She whimpers or sighs while I am eating – not to forget her – but lately I give her a dirty look and just with my index finger I point at her which means “put your head down” and she’ll immediately lays down FLAT and doesnt’ make a sound. (She knows that she must behave in order to get to either get left overs or just lick the plate). I swear to god that this dog of yours THINKS the way she responds.

Of course she is our “child” now, and children know what is expected of them from their parents. Sounds nutty, but smart vizslas are the same. Every morning The Schnitzel gets part of my breakfast, Frank now has to make two sunny side up eggs, one I’ll eat, the other for Schatzi. After I am done I hand Frank the plate who then gives the plate to Schatzi on the kitchen floor. Today Schatzi jumped off from her pillow running to Frank and plate. I said “Hey, back to your place…” and this great dog turned around made a loop around the dining table and went right back onto her pillow and doesn’t there move until I yell out “OK!” which means she can go and eat whatever there is for her. After she laps up what was on the plate she comes to me looking for more when I say “nothing more…see all I have is my coffe now…” lifting up my cup and she turns around and goes away; she goes down to the family room and brings me one of her toy – as a thank you.

It never fails it is a routine now she brings me a thank you note aka one of her toys. Or she brings me her toys up to the spare room where I mess with the computer reminding me that it is human 6:00pm dinner time. “If I bring you my toys will have to give me your leftovers?” kind of thing. On Tuesday evenings Frank likes to sit in living room listening to opera on one of the radio stations. Naturally Schatzi sits on his lap, with one of her big stuffed toy she played with earlier is resting on the floor. When I come downstairs and I say “Schatzi let’s go down and watch TV…” Schatzi runs to go down to the family room, but before that she’ll turn around, picks up her toy from the floor and brings it with her. If I tell her “pick up your toys” she will. Another funny things she does is she goes to her toy box, and it is so funny to watch how she takes ‘inventory’ looking for something. All toys she doesnt’ want gets thrown out to the floor and finally i.e. her favorite ball she gets and brings it to me because I bounce it on the old coffee table up the air, she jumps catches it, I tell her “Vow that was a good catch…”and now she sits and waits properly for a tiny dog food treat. (We still soak food for her…anything hard and large she still has trouble swalloing, but she is perfectly happy and healthy othewise so we are not doing anything about her gerding).

When I sit on the living room sofa and either pack or unpack my purse she is immediately sitting in front of me with expectations. She is asking for my opera mints – which I have in a Rene Flemming Met container. This dog never has bad breats…lol. I don’t dare say to her “Makayla is coming” or any other member of our family. Or, “Rochelle (our mail lady) is coming…” because she’ll run to the window to look outside and then she talks (rather loudly) asking “When, when, when…” Without exagurating Schatzi understand both Hungarian and English now. We’ll have to pick another language to talk in front of her. She is so good that goes to bed at 9:00pm and stays until Frank will go and get her out of bed. She is up, but quiet in her dog bed. Only time she starts ‘talking’ if she hears my voice up early which means “She is ready to eat breakfast…” and she starts up in a sort of demaning way to let her come downstairs.

Funny part is that Frank takes her to do her business, but she runs to the dining room so fast that she slides on the floor, just about bumping into the table as she doesn’t want to miss getting her special breakfast treat. (by that time she may have or may not have been fed…but the important thing for her is to get to the dining room for human food.

This dog never destroyed anything. Never chewed up any of our things., Closet doors were open throughout the time she was a puppy, never took anything out. Only twice she stole something, once a cookie, once a slice of bread from the counter and/or a picnic table. Nothing else, I can leave my breakfast on the table and go up and take a shower and Schatzi sits on her pillow in the corner of the dining room waiting for me to eat and then give her theleft over. Incredibly unsual.

No matter where we take her, no matter who she meets, people love her because the tail keeps on going for all stranger, especially for kids, Schatzi loves loves EVERYBODY and people respond to her sweetness with smiles. My dog friends always say “Schatzi is the best…” and she is. I can’t be more grateful to you than I am now for almost 7 years for getting us this vizsla who is the smartest, nicest, kindest animal in the world. No show quality teeth, no ribbons, no glory for you as a breeder. BUT, any vizsla breeder, or owner would be pleased to have one like “The Schnitzel.”

I know this is a long email, but I we can’t thank you enough for Schatzi. Hope all other dogs you breed will be like this girl. Love, Irén