Lucy GCHG CH Briar N Suzu Hey You! Get Off Of My Cloud BN

Lucy saw her last Westminster in February 2017. She is now enjoying her retirement from the show ring, but she is not idol! Every Tuesday Susan and Lucy work on obedience together. We are proud to say that Lucy now has a (BN) Beginner Novice to ad to her string of titles. They are now working on getting the next title of Companion Dog (CD). Lucy now is proud to let you know she is a Grand Ma! Look around this site for more about the litter and the grand pups.

Cha-cha GCH Suzu & Shannon’s Cha-cha-cha

While her parents, Ellen and Richard Cole, were enjoying the warmth of Florida Cha-cha was with Susan earning her Grand Championship. In October she was bred to GCHB StarDust’s Don’t Stop Believ’n. Ellen and Richard took off for a trip around the world and let me whelp and raise the “Cork Poppers” that arrived on December 27th. 6 girls and 2 boys, a healthy.and strong litter. They were named according to international toasts of the season. All the puppies are now in their new homes and enjoying new adventures everyday. Look for more pictures of these puppies on this site. These are Lucy’s Grand pups.

BISS GCHB CH Suzu & Shannon’s Evgenis Waltz for Wallis SH

In Winter of 2017 Wallis finished her Senior Hunter in 4 straight passes. She was trained to perfection by Scott Edwards of Bird Dog Adventures. Wallis, the Showgirl, came home to compete with Patty Crowley as her handler. Last Summer we were honored to be awarded Best of Breed in the Vizsla Club of Central New England Specialty in Greenfield MA. under Judge Elaine Lessig. While Wallis really shows her heart out, She much prefers the field! Well, Wallis got her wish. As soon as her brother Zach earned his Master Hunter, she went down to continue her MH training with Scott. We are hearing great things and are hopeful that she too will earn her MH. Aside from the show ring and hunt field, Wallis loves going to agility class and will continue when she returns to Susan this Spring.

CH Suzu & Shannon’s Dancing on a Cloud MH

Zach stayed the Summer with Scott and his family for training and bonding. As soon as the hunting season began, Zach earned the last leg to his Senior Hunter. February Zach took the field by storm earning his Master Hunter (MH) in 5 straight passes. And then just for fun got a 6th leg the next day. Early in March between massive snow storms, Susan drove down and met Zach and made a switch with Wallis. Zach is Back! After spending 18 months down in South Carolina with the amazing Scott Edwards training and earning his Master Hunter Title, Zach has returned and is now out in the Special show ring with Patty Crowley. During the week Susan started to take him to Agility to which he quickly warmed up. Thanks to Scott for the excellent training making Zach’s return to show and agility so much easier. At home Zach has a new best friend in Vivva! The 2 love chasing each other around the yard and playing in the snow.

2018 has brought a new year filled with the excitements to come.

Happy Birthday to the Cork Poppers!

On December 27 Cha-cha (GCH CH Suzu & Shannon’s Cha-cha-cha) gave birth to her first litter of 8 puppies out of Nova (GCHB CH Stardust’s Don’t Stop Believ’n JH): 6 girls and 2 boys. What a lovely brood of puppies. Each week I slowly taught them various things to prepare them to meet the outside world. They were placed in a wood pellet box even before they were a week old. By not having been introduced to food but learning to feel of the wood pellets on their feet, they never tried to eat them and once they were 3 weeks old were already climbing in to use the pellet box.

Puppy education continued even through the freezing cold and snow. By the time the puppies were 6 weeks old they were adventuring out into the snow, only for a minute or 2. As a result they got used to the cold and that too was a new experience. Adding new experiences is one of the most important parts of raising puppies. One goal is to expose the puppies is to a variety of meats and chew on raw bones like duck and turkey necks. Another is to introduce them to a variety of surfaces and experiences : the tunnel, teeter, jungle gym, vacuum cleaner, various types of music etc. Between weeks 7 and 8 there is a big push to feed the puppies each in their own crates and to get them to sleep in them for a few hours. Eventually, they are happy to sleep in them for 4 hours. slowly increasing the length of time.

Most of the puppies went to their new homes at 8 weeks. Vivva is staying here with us at Suzu. Susan has always wanted a La Vie en Rose puppy and she finally got her. Suzu & Shannon’s Evivva! La Vie en Rose.