Welcome to Jolli’s page. Born December 19, 2005-February 2015 to a Carol and Bruce Phelps of Szizlin Vizslas, Jolli came to Suzu Vizslas in Goldens Bridge, NY. From the moment he came into our home he won us over with his jolly, gentle demeanor. Jolli is named for the season he was born and for his father Pfalcon. Joules is for a unit of energy and so he is exactly want his name implies. A unit of jolly-energy and a happy-go-lucky bundle of joy.

Jolli finishes 2009 #13 Vizsla

In March of 2009, Jolli started a show campaign with Patty Crowley. He lived with her mostly in her motor home and traveled from show to show. They traveled up and down the coast building on their wins to reach lucky 13.

Jolli the 3 country Champion

Jolli earned his CH in March 2007. From the start he was a natural in the ring. The following May, Susan and Jolli went to Mexico City to participate in the World Dog show where they had tons of fun meeting lots of other Vizslas from south of the border. Susan handled Jolli to his Mexican CH and the Junior Americana Ch as well. While in Mexico he also was awarded a Group 2. In 2008 Jolli went up to Canada and got his Canadian CH.

Jolli earns his Junior Hunter

To say that Jolli loves to hunt is an understatement! Jolli gets so excited in the field that he is known for being “the bird buster”. In spite if his busting ways, he earned his Junior Hunter in 5 passes. Jolli certainly has the nose and the ability, he just needs to have his skills honed and be taught some disipline. To this day Jolli is still as his name implies. He passes this exuberance on to his kids as well.

Head study by Kenneth Reed Photography

Jolli’s portrait shows off his regal appearance. He has a robust body, sturdy bones and a gentle temperament. He has OFA good hips, all other health clearances are normal. Jolli’s semen is available to approved bitches.