As soon as the weather became warm, I invited all my puppies back for their 1st birthday party. It was great to see all my puppies grown up and playing so nicely. 6 of them came to enjoy doggy birthday cake and playing in the yard where they first felt grass under their feet. Rudi (blue) Brunella (white) Casanova (orange) Caymin (pink) Otis (black) and Sisi (red) Can you tell which puppy became which dog?

Party Dogs

Licking the cake pan

Jolli had the most fun licking up after everyone had gone home.

Do I have to wear this thing?

Playing ball with Katherine

Lounging Cas

They’re all so big now!

Rudi and Cas

Matt ith Otis

All awaiting birthday cake

Susan, Joan, Stephan, and Marie

At a mid summer gathering of Vizslas the Mullers who had missed the birthday party were able to come and meet Marie. It was a hot but fun day.