Letter to prospective puppy buyers – Breeding Philosophy

I pride myself in breeding dogs for show and hunt as well as for agility and obedience. Therapy is also an important activity that I encourage Showing is tons of fun and the puppies have a natural ability to hunt.

I socialize the puppies with lots of children and people who come and play with them from the time their eyes are open. I teach them to swim weather permitting) and to do elementary agility as well. I try to crate train them and to potty train them as well. Mostly its a mater of your reading the signals for the puppy to know when she needs to go. Accidents do happen but it usually isn’t the puppies fault.

I do guarantee that the puppy will not have hip dysplasia unless she has been neutered too early or encouraged to jump while too young. Then all guarantees are off the table! Keeping the puppy in tact until she is fully mature (2-3 years) helps him/her to mature and for the hormones to kick in and develop a healthy strong dog. Boys need testosterone and girls need estrogen. That’s the way it is.

I ask everyone pet or show or hunt to x-ray the hips to rule out hip dysplasia. The more puppies that are x rayed the greater average i have. If the dog is unneutered and has failed the OFA X-rays for the hips and the puppy cannot live the happy life of a pet, I will replace the puppy. If this is a show dog and part of the breed stock I will replace the puppy.

I do work with all my puppy people and am available to ask questions and seek advice any time during the life of the puppy. If for some reason you cannot keep the puppy you must return it to me with all the AKC papers. I will then determine how to deal with the situation. (this is a very rare case and hardly happens at all.) In all my years and all my litters I have only had two puppies returned to me One as his owner passed away. I still have her and cherish her daily. The other a lovely 6 year old that was trained perfectly and placed with a family that loves him deeply; a true match made in Vizsla heaven.

I expect you to come and visit often and help to socialize the puppies. My fee usually is around 1800-2000. I provide a microchip and the first vaccine at 8 weeks of age and DNA evaluation, as well as a temperament evaluation and health check and weather permitting hunt aptitude and conformation evaluation. Once you are part of our Vizsla family i’ll send you the contract. i do expect a $1000 deposit to hold the puppy which is nonrefundable unless I don’t have a puppy for you. In that case I would either return your money or ask if you want to wait til the next litter. If you give me plenty of notice, 2-3 weeks, I will refund your money provided I have placed the puppy. If due to some unfortunate happening I could keep the puppy for you for a month or 2 or we dould discuss things at that time. The charge for caring for the puppy is $150 for food and training per week.

I hope that I have answered your questions.


Suzu Vizslas
“AKC Breeder of Merit”